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An Exceptional Construction Service!

With Lorenzo & Max, you can expect a perfectly reliable construction service from the best contractors in town. If you live in and around South Ozone Park, NY and searching for something spectacular, contact us, and we will schedule you in!

Our Services

General Construction Services

General Construction Services

Our construction service providers have top-level skills and dedication! Get everything you need for your property - we're affordable and exceptional!
Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Has your bathroom outlived its beauty and usefulness the way it is now? That's no issue - we will renovate it or parts of it to make it new and elegant - you choose what you need!


Construction doesn't have to be about the rough structures or tearing stuff down. There is a beauty component to it! Interior and exterior painting are all aspects to make your property stand out with beauty!
Plumbing and Electrical

Plumbing and Electrical

It can be dangerous and frustrating - more than just a little if you're not versed in plumbing or electrical components, don't deal with any of them. Let our professional deal with either part!
Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation

The boiler is there to heat water and distribute it for heating through pipes all over the house. In one word or so, it's essential to have. Let us install it - you'll have that hot water in a flash!
Roofing and Siding

Roofing and Siding

Have brand-new siding installed by people who can work the details just right for a beautiful complete look! Our contractors have the skill to deal with the roof and siding of your property! 
Demolition Services

Demolition Services

It's not about constructing something new - it's about tearing something old down to make space for another component. That's called demolition, and we're experts at the perfect process! 
Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection

Construction isn't all about the 3D projects we'll realize for you. We have to be a bit more versatile than that. That means we take on the garbage at your property - collect it all and dispose of it!

Lorenzo & Max
South Ozone Park, NY 11420
Phone: (347) 667-7725

Packaged Services Are the Best

Sometimes people get frustrated because they need several things done, which requires much work, skill, and time. If you want remodeling or boiler installation, put up a roof or new siding, and paint everything to match – that’s a lot! It’s a package of services you may not have the knowledge to complete – a local construction specialist just might, though! Take a look at what we offer and choose the perfect service for you!

Our Dedication

It’s one thing to consider everything we do and consider what skills we have. That’s not all you should examine when looking to hire us! Our dedication is not something you should pass off as insignificant. Not only is that our leading motivator, but it’s the aspect of our business that pushes us to be grand – exceptional! Being as dedicated as us to creating something stable and beautiful is a perfect quality. You shouldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with our contractors as soon as possible!

More Areas We Serve

A good construction contractor knows when to fold up shop and when to spread their wings and expand! We knew it was our time to widen our service area after getting praise for our work and interest in our services from people outside our usual locations. We wanted to show our skills and experience just like everyone else – so we spread out to reach even more ground and cater to other areas!

  • Fresh Meadows, NY
  • North Valley Stream, NY
  • Oakland Gardens, NY
  • Arverne, NY
  • Little Neck, NY

Call Lorenzo & Max for brilliant yet highly affordable construction! Our contractors don’t want to charge too much. The goal is to provide everyone with the perfect services and still have it all extremely affordable and available! Everyone in the South Ozone Park, NY area should think of us when they’re getting some construction project off the ground because we know how to work quickly and with top quality! You’ll get to see the results you want, and every detail will be perfect!

by John Maynard on Lorenzo & Max
Very Reliable Construction Service!

Such a reliable construction service - nice, guys! I am great at a lot, but construction has always eluded me - I have no patience for it or the steadiest of hands. I always need help in this department, and now I know where I'll be getting it from every time! These guys - definitely! Perfect work, very professional young people!

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